Essential Tips to Keep Your House Clean When Kids Are Home

If there are things in the world that are difficult to combine, it can be cleaning and kids. Parents can bet this. When children are at home, it is difficult to maintain a clutter-free home. You see shoes, toys, and school materials everywhere you go, and fixing them can be endless. While you can always go to office cleaning in Portland for an extensive cleaning once in a while, you surely need to do the maintenance cleaning regularly.  

However, with the right approach to difficult combinations, these two can go hand in hand. By having a good cleaning and organizing strategy, you can lessen stress, and if you want, you can even make your kids do some cleaning by themselves. Read through and we will share with you how to do it.  

1. Make cleaning fun – there are several ways on how to integrate fun in your cleaning activity including giving rewards, earning money, and letting them do fun gestures when cleaning. You can also make your cleaning activity contest-like. In this way, the kids will have a new way of seeing the cleaning routine and they will have more energy and enthusiasm.  

2. Limit access to certain toys – discipline is an important quality that will give both of you and your kids a life-long convenience. This can be equated to classroom management where you do not let your kids have the entire rules in their hands. Limit access to toys that are not necessary for learning or make a rule that limits access to entertainment toys or phones unless a certain house chore is done. In this way, you are conditioning your kids that cleaning and being discipline should always be first than having fun and being spoiled.  

3. Do not purchase a lot of things – the best way to avoid clutter is to minimize things that make the clutter. This can also mean purchasing fewer toys for kids or limiting access to toys at a certain time. Ensure that only the essentials should be purchased and used. Besides its benefit in your cleaning and organizing routine, you will also save yourself some dollars.  

4. Organize things – maintaining organization in your things can save you some minutes in your cleaning time. Regular organizing of things can minimize clutter and mess in the area. Remember, small neglect of organizing house elements can lead to a huge mess.  

5. Do not allow overwhelming clutter – in connection to what we mentioned above, the key to making your house clean and organized does not rely on how well you deep clean once in a while but on your small acts of decluttering and avoiding piling mess and stains. If you regulate the house and make a rule where everybody cleans the house 15 mins. every day, deep cleaning might not even become necessary.  

6. Give your kids a sense of responsibility – by giving them their respective tasks individually, you are not just teaching them how to become disciplined but you are also teaching them a sense of autonomy, self-esteem, and responsibility.  


How to Maintain the Cleanliness of Your Upholstery?

If you buy an old couch or sofa for a low price, it’s most likely unclean. If you’re a homeowner who enjoys purchasing such items, you may be having trouble keeping them clean. Don’t worry; there are solutions you can utilize to maintain your upholstery clean and fresh, exactly like the ones on show at the store. The following are the upholstery cleaning procedures done by experts. 

Take out the Huge Chunks 

Start by eliminating the large portions of your soiled upholstery to give it a new look. The stains that cling to the furniture are what we’re talking about. Begin by removing the stain’s dried, crusty pieces. Scrape the chunks with a spoon and carefully scape them off. If you’ve just spilled something fresh on the furniture, grab a rubber spatula and wipe the stains away promptly. Avoid touching the stain because it will just make it worse and make the furniture look ugly. 

Furniture should be vacuumed 

You must vacuum the upholstery once you’ve finished scraping off the stain pieces. As much as possible, clean all portions of the upholstery. When vacuuming, be specific because everything must be cleaned. Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to clean the upholstery. If it doesn’t have one, go to the hardware shop and get one. Remove the removable cushion from the furniture if the stain is on it, and then clean the stain. Don’t conduct this technique yet if the stain is still fresh and wet. 

Make a Stain Remover 

When selecting a stain remover for your upholstery, be cautious. The majority of store-bought cleaners include harmful ingredients that can damage fibers. You can produce your cleaner to be safe. Simply combine a natural dishwashing detergent and warm water in a bowl. Feel free to use a mixer to beat the water and soap together if the detergent isn’t liquid. This will be easy and fun to do since it feels like you’re baking. 

Clean with the Cleaner 

Apply the cleaner to the upholstery once you’ve finished creating it. Apply the foam to the stain using a lightly bristles brush. Do this with care. The dirt and grime will be lifted from the cloth as a result of the cleaning solution. Remove the soiled foam using a rubber spatula. 


Wipe the suds away after you’ve finished applying your cleaning solution to the fabric. It’s also possible to rinse it. Wipe the stain with a clean white cloth and clean water, then dampen it. Rinse the area once when rinsing. Check if the region still needs to be rinsed after it has dried. 

Before using, make sure it’s completely dry. 

Before you utilize your new and improved couch, double-check that any stains have been removed. To ensure that the upholstery dries fast, separate the pillows and cushions. Before you use it, make sure it’s completely dry. Enjoy! 

If you don’t have the time to do all of these by yourself, feel free to contact the professional upholstery cleaners near you today.